Intro to Perfect Pickleball

Introduction to Perfect Pickleball

Learn how to play the fastest growing game!

INTRO 1:  FREE! Call today to schedule

Intro 1 is instruction for players new to pickleball. The grip, ready position, forehand/backhand ground strokes, serve and the dink will be covered. Basic game play will also be introduced.

INTRO 2:  

A follow up lesson to intro 1. Review of skills from intro 1 lesson. Players will be placed in a game situation with supervision of an instructor, to provide answers to questions and support during game play. Some basic game play concepts and strategies will be covered during this lesson.


A technique based session where ground strokes, serve and return will be improved upon. Skills such as third shot drop, lobs, volleying and court positioning will be introduced. Following this intro, the player will be comfortable playing the game at a beginner level. 


Perfect Pickleball

A series of group skill building seesions!

Perfect Pickleball ~ Shot Selection

This session will cover the concepts of where to be and where to place the ball during game play.

(*Positioning *Strategies * Returns * Foot Work * Types of shots to be used)

Perfect Pickleball ~ Third Shot Drop

This session will cover the concepts of the third shot drop, punch volley and blocking. The third shot drop is a slow paced shot that will help neutralize the other teams advantage.  The punch volley can be used to position your opponents at the rear of the court and place them in a defensive setting.  Blocking occurs at least once or twice in every pickleball point.

Perfect Pickleball ~ The Dink

This session will cover the dink shot. The dink is an unattackable ball and forms the strategic part of the game.  This shot is what defines pickleball from all other racquet sports!

Perfect Pickleball ~ The Serve & Return of Serve

This session will cover the serve and the return of serve. The serve is the stroke to start each rally. The return of serve sets up your offense.

(*Strategies *Effectiveness * Shot Placement)

Perfect Pickleball ~ The Lob

This session will cover the concept and effectiveness of the lob. The lob is difficult to master but effective when used.

(*Effectiveness * Dink Lob * Lob Defense)

*The Perfect Pickleball skill building sessions will be available on Tuesdays from 12-2:00 beginning June 11th.  Reservations are required!

Private Lesson Pricing

Mary Martinik

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Mary Martinik

$80/hour non-members 

$50/hour members (annual & 4 month members)

Sharon Eisen

Event Details

Sharon Eisen

$90/hour (minimum 3 people, $30 for each additional)

David Sirois

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David Sirois

$70/hour non-members

$40/hour members (annual & 4 month members)